Other maths and science shows

Rock guitar: a mathematical adventure

A similar talk to Mark's main physics show, but geared towards a maths rather than physics audience, using all kinds of strange animations in order to "imagineer" the amazing concepts one might meet after A levels.

Science Knight

Travel back in time on a hilarious medieval adventure to the origin of the words ‘science’ and ‘engineering’. FameLab winner Dr Mark Lewney dons full plate armour to tell a Knight’s Tale of ingenious inventions, peculiar practises, and beliefs so bizarre it’s no wonder they called them the High Middle Ages. This show debuted at the Cheltenham Science Festival in June 2008.

How to argue with climate sceptics

Mark plays Devil's Advocate to climatologist Dr Dave Reay in order to debunk some of the arguments which Anthropogenic Climate Change Deniers use to dupe the media, and use a model cow's arse and Mr Clint Eastwood to show that changing the composition of the atmosphere is like playing with a firearm whose chambers aren't all empty.

The Science of the Bible

What is Creationism, and what is Evolution? Are they mutually exclusive with each other, or with Christianity for that matter? Mark explains why mainstream science tells us that the Earth is billions of years old, not thousands, and that if species were created, then such creation must have been continuous throughout that time, and must still be going on right now.

(Mark is happy to present this as a solo lecture, or as a prelude to taking the "evolutionist" position in a debate or Q&A session. )


Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll

What happens when you mix a biologist, a chemist and a physicist without first putting on safety goggles? Dr Harry Witchel, Dr Graeme Jones and Dr Mark Lewney, winner of FameLab 2005, drag you down the slippery slope of the rock star lifestyle to hilarious and bizarre discoveries about your three favourite vices. From brain scanner sex, to stoned neuroscience and rock guitar physics, you will learn all the science you will ever need to stick it to the Man and end up in rehab. Not for those with delicate sensitivities or an appreciation of the finer things in life!

A trio of badly behaved scientists!