"I am doing what I do today because of a talk you gave at Parkstone Grammar School around 3 years ago... At that time I was in my first year of my A-Levels... and I didn't have much of an idea what I wanted to do with my life - though I loved my Physics and Maths. After I listened to your talk I went home and said to my Mum 'That's what I want to do', she still remembers me saying it... I know that your talks and presentations work when addressing students who don't really know what they want to do but they love a few subjects. I hope to be inspiring children and young adults in the future and showing them that Physics isn't just about text books and crazy hair, just as you inspired me... I wanted to show you that what you do makes a very big difference to people's lives" - Fiona Wall, 2nd Year Physics student, Imperial College London (January 2011)

"In between bursts of electric guitar and a blizzard of jokes...our brains were hurting, but Dr Lewney's' infectious enthusisam and energy and outrageous humour carried us along - never has period 2 passed so quickly"
Associate Director, Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Buckinghamshire (May 2009)

"In my modest opinion, I haven’t seen too many shows that can beat Mark’s 1-hour show! Honestly! And I dare say I’ve seen quite a few shows by now…"
Lyubov Kostova, Country Manager, British Council, Bulgaria (February 2012)

"I wanted to thank you 1. For teaching me more about the universe and dimensions and 2. For being so awesome and lewney."
Student, Garforth Community College" (June 2009)

"I just wanted to thank you for your show at Morley High, it was great to see someone who shares two of the same passions I do, both alternative music and science, mainly physics. You are an amazing guitarist, and I loved that you played Metallica as I was entering the hall to watch you, as soon as I heard that riff, I could assume that you were actually a good guitar player, which you are, you are a legend, but also a very very good science teacher. You are an inspiration, and you should never give up what you do. Thank you for your show, as it inspired me to work that much harder in science, and to broaden my mind as to what else is out there, and what it is".
Student, Morley High (July 2009)

"He was brilliant! His presentation motivated, challenged and enthralled the kids as he has a variety of props to help him and throughout his talk he plays rock guitar (not bad either!) I thought our kids were going to mob him at the end! We have had Johnny Ball on 2 occasions now but I have to admit, much as I like JB, I like this one better... Even the parents at the Y11 parent/teachers meeting on Thursday night were buzzing about it!

Head of Science, Carleton Community High School (October 2009)

"I was at the lecture/show you gave at my school, and we all thought you were amazing. Also nice Whole Lotta Rosie (I'm an AC/DC fan). I didn't think string theory could be interesting but you proved me wrong!" 

Harry, Year 9 Student, Wootton Bassett School (April 2010)